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Our Story

At HydrationVibe & Beauty, we strive to bring you into an atmosphere where once the door closes, you can leave all your cares behind. 


Whether you come in for a “pick me up” IV, vitamin injection, or aesthetic treatment, we are here to provide you an individualized luxury wellness service.


Umparrys Witherspoon

DNP, APRN-BC and Owner

What makes HydrationVibe & Beauty stand out from other medspas?  All your services are performed by a board-certified nurse practitioner with experience in dermatology, which makes her care even more unique as a skin care specialist.


Our Owner, Umparrys Witherspoon maintains her continuing education by attending the ISDPA Midwest Dermatology Conference annually and is a member of Diversity in Dermatology.


She also believes that to achieve optimal results, the canvas (skin) should be nurtured before adding other aesthetic treatments into a regimen.

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