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Pricing & Packages

Below, you will find pricing for service bundles, IV hydration, and skin care.  We provide a wide range of IV drips and boosters to help you improve your overall health and wellness. Whether you want to enhance your beauty or lose weight, we have the right treatment for you.

IV Elixir aka Hydration

Bridal Bootcamp #1

The Glamourous Skin Bride... This is the premier skincare suite for the glowing bride or even if you're NOT the bride, this package is for YOU in preparation of that special event!!  This program starts at least six months before the BIG EVENT!!! $1690.  

Savings of $500.

6 months out.. Perfect Derma Peel

5 months out... SkinPen Microneedling

4 months out... Perfect Derma Peel & Glamour Girl Beauty Drip

3 months out... SkinPen Microneedling

2 months out... "Glowtox" Perfect Derma Peel and 20 units Botox

1 month out.. Hydrating Facial & "The G.O.A.T." Glow Drip

Bachelorette/ ANYBODY
Recover Party

The "After Party" .... This IV Hydration will rehydrate you by replenishing your fluids and electrolytes.  This provides relief from headache and nausea.  The "After Party" drip is a quick way to recover and feel good again!! (Works for migraines as well)  Minimum 4 participants $140 per person

Glam Slim Package

This package includes Lipo Mino injections once a week x 4 (must be done in sequence for optimal results)

2 Glam Slim-N-Trim infusions in a month (2 weeks apart)

Free Energy Boost (B12) Injection




A package of 6 fat burner injections done weekly with the added benefit of B12!! Its a Win-Win!!!


Tri-Immune Package

Feeling tired or worn down?  This  injection aids with allergies,  that feeling you get when a cold is about to start, if you've been around a lot of people, or prior to travel. a series of 4 for  $150

Glam Energy Boost Package

Package of 4 Vitamin B12 injections ... not your regular B12, but Methylcobalamin, which aids in energy, improves metabolism, and helps with skin, hair, and nails.  



Monthly Blues Package

This package is a power-packed vitamin blend works to boost your mood and ease discomfort from cramps, bloating, and other symptoms during your menstrual cycle. 

Package of 3 (Administered once a month around menstrual cycle)


Elixir Party

This is perfect for get-togethers.   Must be a minimum of 4 people and up to 10 people (if you have a larger party, we will accommodate with advance notification).

Attendees may choose one of the following: 

  • The GlmrGrl Drip ... Our beauty drip is packed with Vitamin C, a complex blend of B vitamins, and biotin — beauty’s best-kept secret ingredients! Boost collagen, fight breakouts and free radicals, prevent aging skin, and glow from within!

  • The "AfterParty"...  Bounce back, get off the couch and into the real world! This drip will rehydrate you by replenishing your fluids and electrolytes plus provide relief from your headache and nausea. The After Party Drip is a quick way to recover and feel good again!  (This works for migraines as well)

  • Glam Slim-N-Trim ...  Reach your weight loss goals faster when you add this powerful dose of uniquely concentrated fluids to your exercise and diet routine. This IV drip is packed with amino acids and energy enhancers to boost your metabolism, give you natural energy, increase your stamina, and restore lean muscle.

  •  The Immunity Drip ...  Your ultimate immunity booster drip. Feeling under the weather or been around sick people? Boost your immune system with this hydration drip infused with B complex, Vitamin C, and a mineral blend containing zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium. This is best for common cold relief, allergy symptoms and boosting your immune system before or after travel.  

  • The Clarity Drip  ...  Packed with Vitamin B6, and  Alpha Lipoic Acid,  this works to improve overall brain function, increase memory recall, focus, stress relief, and improve certain aspects of learning.

$140 per Attendee

The "Deal"

Purchase 4 drips and get the 5th drip FREE!! 

  • Payment for package is due at time of first drip.

  • Package must be of the same type of drip, at the same value or less.

  • If you want to upgrade your drip, you will have to pay the difference upon time of infusion.

  • Must complete drip package within 6 months of purchase.

  • Excludes any other discounts

 "Glow Up"

The Perfect Derma Peel is the ONLY chemical peel on the market that contains glutathione.  Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps with clarity of the skin and it also helps to brighten the complexion.  It will be paired with glutathione IV drip, so that your skin receive the MAXIMUM benefits, so that you are literally  GLOWING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!  This package includes a Perfect Derma Peel Session and The "G.O.A.T"  IV drip.





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